Jeamin Cha

Jeamin Cha

Sleep Walker

Sleep Walker
Single channel video installation, 2009, HD video, 5minutes, color/sound

Sleep Walker is a video work consisting of two scenes: in one scene people are reciting lines from a children’s fiction Heidi (1881) by Swiss author Johanna Spyri, and in the second scene, a tap dancer is dancing and walking around the square outside of Garden 5, a newly built shopping complex in Songpa-gu, Seoul. The tap dancer, seen on the left screen, is dancing frantically, as if the magical shoes cast a spell on him. Sounds resonate loudly in the square — so much so that it is even hard to hear someone nearby — because the square is completely surrounded by buildings. In the video, passersby were cast on the spot to recite lines from Heidi, a story about a young girl who had to move to Frankfurt with her aunt but felt nostalgia for her home town in the Swiss Alps. Garden 5 is a giant shopping complex with residential spaces called “apartment-style factories.” The city of Seoul gave a priority in buying apartments to merchants who were running their businesses on the land where the Garden 5 was going to be built, when a major restoration project of Cheonggyecheon area in Songpa district was underway. However, the excessively high rent left the merchants who had agreed on the reconstruction feeling betrayed, because they couldn’t afford the new apartments. Those who cannot find their bed even in their fantasy became suspicious individuals like sleepwalkers. The fact that they can not reside in where they used to live or move to where they dream of living reminds us of Heidi who was unable to adapt to the heartless urban life and became a sleepwalker.

A Film by
Jeamin Cha

Tap dancer Sangbin Park
Reciter Yoonjung Jang, Yoorim Kim, Jungwon Yang, Juseok Kim

Director of Photography Dongseok Shin, Jeamin Cha
Sound Design In bloom’s studio

With Special Thanks to
Ikjung Cho, Meejung Kim

단채널 비디오 설치, 2009, HD 비디오, 5분, 컬러/사운드

몽유병자는 송파구에 개장한 종합 쇼핑몰 가든파이브를 돌아다니며 탭댄스를 추는 퍼포머와 야외 광장을 걸으며 동화 하이디를 낭독하는 사람들로 구성된 2채널 영상 작업이다. 화면 왼쪽에 등장하는 탭댄서는 마치 구두에 이끌려 춤을 추는 듯 광적 인 속도로 춤을 춘다. 야외광장은 가까이에 있는 사람의 말소리가 들리지 않을 정도로 울림이 심하고 건물은 광장에 들어서는 모든 것을 포위한다. 그 광장에서 즉흥적으로 섭외된 사람들은 동화 하이디를 낭독한다. 동화 하이디는 알프스에 살던 소녀가 이모를 따라 프랑크프르트에 가게 되었지만 삭막한 대도시에 적응하지 못하고 몽유병을 앓는 이야기다. 가든파이브는 아파트형 공장이 포함된 거대 쇼핑몰이다. 서울시는 청계천 개발 당시 상인들에게 이주대책으로 가든파이브 분양 우선권을 내세웠다. 그러나 건물구조와 턱없이 비싼 임대료는 개발에 동의한 사람들 또한 배신했다. 허울 좋은 개발과 환상 속에 자신의 자리를 찾지 못하는 사람들은 잠 잘 곳을 찾지 못하는 몽유병자처럼 수상쩍은 자로 전락한다. 살던 곳에 살지도, 꿈 꾸던 곳으로 이주하지도 못하는 현실은 몽유병에 걸린 하이디를 떠올리게 한다.

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